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A community for crazie bachenheads

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This is a glorious new community for the inhabitants of Bachenville to talk to each other and be crazie. For more info consult lichenbachen.org. Anyone so inclined is welcome to join us and embrace the higher level of bachenism. However, you must meet a few requirements to make sure you are cool enough:

1. You must not be jason and/or ratarded.
2. You must have a sense of humor.
3. You must have a great appreciation for smat and know good smat when you see it.
4. You must partake in or appreciate the glory of good word vomit.
5. You must be willing to tolerate high amounts of hyperactivity and general crazieness.
5. You must reply to the first entry "Bachenheads" with "You've got me actin' like a fool!" to show you read the rules.

That's all! Later, geeks.